The Layman’s Way

The Layman’s Way

The purpose of this series, “The Layman’s Way,” is to acquaint Christians and seekers of truth about how easy it is to learn God’s word. We are living in very ‘perilous times!’ We must ‘prepare NOW for what ‘Lies’ ahead! Many deceptions will occur, in both Heaven and Earth, as we approach the judgement of Almighty God on America, Israel, and the World!

If we can learn to simply trust and obey in our Biblical understanding, we can come away prepared to help ourselves and others. False teachers and false teachings are everywhere and we must have a ‘key’ to unlock all this confusion. “The Layman’s Way” is that key!

Our desire is to touch as many as possible all over the world. There is no charge for this series, but only one’s ‘investment’ to learn. If we allow Scripture to interpret Scripture, instead of relying on men and their opinions, we simply need a straight-forward plan to do this!

Once you understand this Layman’s ‘key’ no one will be able to seduce you. To be ‘born again’ and to study, is a MUST if you want to endure the difficult days ahead!   Video teachings is the way to go! Anyone can join this study and be apart of Layman’s School of the Bible. We invite all to come and see for themselves. If you wish to actually ‘take the class,’ for the purpose of certification, then please let us know at


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