Presented here are some brief excerpts from teaching videos by the Dean of the school, Dennis Lyons.

How does Layman’s School of the Bible view Scripture interpretation with regard to eschatology?

Don’t many people claim to speak for Jesus? Whom am I to believe?

What are some of the “rapture positions” that Layman’s School of the Bible covers?

How do we recognize figures of speech and other like passages?

A brief introduction into a study of the Revelation of Jesus Christ.

Below are some questions that are frequently asked by potential students:

What is Layman’s School of the Bible’s understanding of what salvation is?  How is one saved?

I am new to your area. Could you explain what your school is all about? May I visit to check it out?

What is the origin of evil in the world?  Is the devil behind it?  What of an antichrist?

Can you give an overview of the eschatology portion of the school? According to the Bible, what will the  world face in the eventual “last days”?