Pastor Dennis & Marie Lyons

Pastor Lyons has been actively involved in his calling since 1978. As a layman, God has used this pastor to touch thousands of lives with the message of mankind’s only hope: a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. His gift of teaching has resulted in many entering the ministry, both nationally and internationally. His ministry has included radio and television, extensive prison evangelism on county, state, and federal levels and developing home fellowships. He is the Senior Pastor of  “The Lighthouse at Mount Olive” and Dean of  Layman’s School of the Bible.

  • Ordained and Licensed by The Chapel International (1980)
  • Founded R.M.I. Prison Outreach Inc. (1982)
  • Co-Founded Mount Olive Ministries Inc. (1985)
  • Senior Pastor Mount Olive Community Church (1999)
  • Graduate Pre-Wrath Resource Institute (2004)

Using a clear, concise and to the point manner, Pastor Lyons instructs a wide variety of students. Ministers, educators, accomplished laity, and serious Bible students all attest to the effective and practical methods in which they’ve been taught invaluable principles that enliven examination and application of God’s Word both academically and spiritually.

Wife Marie is the co-founder and president of Mount Olive Ministries Inc.  This active organization is dedicated to serving a lost and dying world through teaching effective and accurate Biblical interpretation, prison and nursing home outreach, missionary support, evangelism and various para-church activities.

As she serves alongside her husband in ministry, Marie is best described as a “woman with many hats”. Her immense love and concern for the Body of Christ is evident in the amount of enthusiasm and care that she puts forth in managing many aspects of the day to day ministry operations. She is an accomplished musician, teacher, and author.

The Lyons welcome questions concerning any area of ministry involvement. You may reach them at 850-682-6218 or email: