Online Bible Classes

Special offer for 2020 – Tuition Free Classes

The online class consists of 4 textbooks to be studied in the following order;

  1. The Layman’s Way

  2. Understanding God’s Word

  3. A Layman’s Approach to the End of the World

  4. Understanding End Times

If you would like to take this course please send an email with the following information; age, marital status, a brief testimony of your salvation experience, ministry experience if any, and how you came to know about our school.

Send To:

If you live in the United States we will ship to you all 4 books free of charge with an instruction sheet. You have 6 months to finish the class and receive certification so that you may be able to teach others (2 Timothy 2:2).

You will be assigned a Mentor/Grader to assist you in your studies. All tests will be taken via email. In order to certify, you must maintain a B+ average. Once you have completed all 4 tests, we will then make available for you to download all books in e-book format, the tests, and the graders key to each test. You can then begin to teach others the Layman’s Way!

Upon completion we will be sending you a certification suitable for framing.