Layman’s School of the Bible

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       “Preparing NOW for what ‘lies’ ahead…”

“Confusion arises when people are more interested in the opinions of others, than facts presented as clear and undeniable.  This is especially evident when people discuss and debate God’s Holy Word”… D. L. Lyons 10/20/13

Take heart, serious student and lover of truth, God has provided a way for you to know and understand more clearly than ever before.  How?  By taking the literal “face value” approach concerning interpretation.  Simply stated:

God means what He says, and says what He means!

Layman’s School of the Bible teaches people to simply:

Trust  no one… or their opinion!  (Acts 17:11)

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  “The Dean’s Desk” is up and Running!!!PD -DJ Mike3 Our  Revelation Realities series is now available!  Also check out the exciting series…“Let’s Talk About” !!! A new series, especially for Teachers – The Layman’s Way is up!

Through text and video media, Pastor Dennis Lyons, Dean of Layman’s School of the Bible, seeks to offer tools to equip the saints for the work God has called them to do.  Below are sample videos of some of the topics and questions you can expect from Layman’s School of the Bible: